Friday, December 9, 2011

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Monday, November 1, 2010


These posts may seem random, but I'm trying to get the blog up to date without missing too many important summer events. I can only post as often as I get enough time to do so, and since I seem to be having issues with blogspot photo and editting, it's been a bit frustrating. Keep checking back, I'll get it up to date by the time the year's up.

Fishing at the Peterson cabin

Joel's Bass he caught, Cecilia was very intrigued by it.

Jacob's Northern fish he caught with his spiderman fishing pole. The pole caught the fish, and then Bapa Bryce caught the pole! Not bad for the first fish he's ever caught!
Jacob and Daddy nightime fishing.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gregerson Campout

The Gregerson Family annual campout is full of things to do;

T-shirt making:
Treasure Hunting:
Voluntary, or not!
"Dirty Bingo" Jake still talks about the prizes he won (a pitcher & a box of cereal):
Mud Bogging:
Getting Stuck Mud Bogging:
Hamming it up:
Rolled up wet and then frozen t-shirt contest: Kendall got hers unrolled first!
Mom and Dad's personal favorite-the end of the day:

We can't wait til next year!


Ryan, Jake, Jazmin, Joel, Nicole, Kendall, and I all went to Valleyfair this year. It was a ton of fun. Bryce and Sharon kept Cecilia since she's too little for all the rides. I'm sure once she's big enough, she'll be joining us though, she's probably my biggest daredevil next to Jakey.

Ryan's T-Ball Team

This summer Joel coached on Ryan's t-ball team. There were 27 teams in the league, and like 13 kids per team I think. Man that's a lot of t-ballers. It was some of the funniest things I saw all summer going to those games. One kid would hit the ball, and the entire opposing team would chase after it to see who could get to it first. Sometimes there was even "fighting" among teammates over who got to have the ball, and carry it over to the base, or the coach, or their parent, or whatever they decided to do with it. By the end of the "season" they started to understand the concept of the game and were able to hit the ball and run the bases without to much prompting. It was well worth the effort involved getting there right after work/supper etc, and we can't wait til next year to have both boys and possibly even Jaz playing as well.

Model Rockets

Joel bought a couple model rocket kits and made them with the boys. We finally got a day without wind so we headed to the biggest lot we could find-the elementary school.
All the kids were excited about the rockets. They all wanted the chance to launch them, chase them, reload them etc.
3...2...1....Blast off!!
Ryan was the only one who actually ran all the way to where the rocket landed. He had to walk part of the way back.
See the building in the background? That's the high school; one of the kid's rockets launched so far and high it landed on top of the high school, aprox 500 yards! We called them and were able to get it back a few weeks later.
Now it's Joel's turn. He worked on this rocket for a long time and was very anxious to launch it. Unfortunately, after the $9 rocket landed on the high school, even this one wasn't that impressive any more! Oh well, it was still a lot of fun.